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Service industry businesses face unprecedented challenges that could fuel the consideration of a merger,  acquisition or divestiture.  Best practices call for business leaders to think and plan strategically to engage in transactions that will drive returns. Whether you are seeking to strengthen your position in the service industry or diversify into adjacent sectors, it takes an experienced mergers and acquisitions attorney to navigate our new normal.

Weis Law LLC  advises a wide range of service industry businesses on mergers and acquisitions. Principal attorney Christina Weis works closely with clients through each transaction phase and is committed to its success. Christina is a seasoned advisor with a proven history of helping service industry businesses achieve their goals. Please contact her office today to schedule a consultation.

Kansas City, Missouri Service Industry Mergers and Acquisitions Attorney

The fact that the service industry is fiercely competitive lends itself to M&A activity, particularly in sectors such as:


A rapidly changing landscape in the healthcare industry, driven by rising healthcare costs and increased government regulation, has made it difficult for small and midsize businesses to compete with larger, better-capitalized companies. This economic climate is the driving force behind the consolidation or acquisition of small and mid-sized businesses. 

Financial Services

Mergers have long been a hallmark of the financial services industry, and continued economic turmoil could lead to further consolidation, even though most money center and community banks currently have stronger balance sheets than they did during the financial crisis of 2008.

Information Technology (IT)

While the IT industry is dominated by tech giants such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, social media provides a platform for millions of small industry businesses locally and across the nation that may seek to pursue mergers and acquisitions to remain competitive. Moreover, advances in communication technology and software have facilitated the growth of industries (e.g., online education) that are ripe for M&A activity. 

Media and Entertainment

Technological advances have vastly expanded the media and entertainment industry. Today, cable and satellite TV transformed into an entertainment world that encompasses dozens of cable news channels, financial news, and sports news channels, as well as a myriad of online news and information sites. With the evolution of online entertainment via YouTube, streaming services, and podcasts, mergers and acquisitions will continue to be common in the media and entertainment industry. 


The retail sector is highly cyclical, however, mandated shutdowns have closed thousands of brick-and-mortar businesses, perhaps permanently, while online sales have skyrocketed despite the economic downturn. Retail companies unable to maintain good cash flow, experiencing reduced revenues or that carry significant debt will likely be acquired by larger competitors. 

Regardless of the nature of your service industry business, trust Weis Law LLC to provide you with dependable advice. Christina Weis is a highly regarded attorney with experience and knowledge of the service industry and structuring mergers and acquisitions. 

Mergers and Acquisitions Services Provided By Weis Law LLC for Service Industry Businesses

Weis Law LLC advises small businesses, middle-market companies, and large corporations in the service industry and represents acquirers and target companies. Christina works strategically to help service industry businesses navigate all aspects of mergers and acquisitions.

Structuring Transactions

Weis Law LLC handles a variety of transaction structures, including:

  • Stock purchases
  • Cash transactions
  • Buyouts
  • Secured financings
  • Restructurings
  • Spinoffs
  • Divestitures
  • Going private transactions
  • Cross border transactions
  • Tender offers

Attorney Weis negotiates and prepares a variety of transaction documents (e.g., asset purchase agreements, stock purchase agreements, merger agreements).  In addition, she advises clients on employment and confidentiality agreements that are essential for protecting confidential business information.

Due Diligence

Sound corporate governance requires service industry businesses to exercise reasonable care and prudence regarding mergers and acquisitions. The business attorney at Weis Law conducts due diligence to advise clients about the potential risks of a transaction. The due diligence process may include the review and analysis of  the transaction from a compliance perspective to ensure that it adheres to applicable state and federal laws. 

Related Mergers & Acquisitions Concerns in the Service Industry

Weis Law counsels clients on a wide range of concerns involved in mergers and acquisitions, such as:

  • Corporate Governance — Advising boards of directors, officers and managers on transactional matters, fiduciary duties, risk management and regulatory affairs
  • Intellectual Property — Assisting with the transfer of patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets
  • Taxes — Collaborating with accountants and other financial professionals to structure transactions  
  • Benefits — Reviewing benefit plans to evaluate compliance with ERISA 
  • Employment — Advising clients on the potential employment issues that may arise from reductions in force (e.g. WARN Act compliance, wrongful termination lawsuits)

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The contemporary landscape in the service industry is rapidly evolving, driven by technological advances, mergers and acquisitions. Navigating this shifting terrain requires the informed representation Weis Law provides. Above all, Christina Weis will always work in your best interests and help you engage in a successful transaction. Contact her office today to discuss your business objectives in confidence.