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Government regulations increasingly affect corporations that operate internationally. This complex regulatory environment is constantly evolving and companies must keep up with it. Corporations that engage in international trade must ensure that they comply with all applicable domestic laws and treaty-based international trade laws. Weis Law LLC’s international trade lawyer helps clients maximize their opportunities and manage their risks when engaging in international trade.

At Weis Law LLC, Attorney Christina Weis helps clients comply with international trade regulations, informing producers, exporters, and importers on a wide range of customs and international trade law matters in addition to drafting and negotiating agreements that reflect the added complexity of international business transactions. Christina offers her clients various legal services to assist them in trading goods and services in cross-border transactions. 

Weis Law LLC Is Experienced and Innovative

Weis Law LLC understands that each nation has a unique legal system. As corporations become more globally minded, they will need to ensure that they comply with applicable domestic and foreign laws. Christina is culturally knowledgeable and experienced in advising foreign and domestic companies regarding their international business transactions. 

If you are part of a US corporation that is doing trade in foreign countries Weis Law LLC can help. Christina advises corporate clients in planning, implementing, and managing their international business transactions.  Attorney Christina Weis also assists clients in the creation and  implementation of compliance programs or the audit of an existing compliance program.  Weis Law LLC has worked with a variety of matters in international law. Her experience includes:

  • Advising clients engaged in cross-border transactions regarding compliance with international trade laws
  • Assisting clients regarding the establishment and termination of overseas dealerships
  • Advising Italian clients regarding U.S. export compliance issues
  • Assisting clients regarding EXIM Bank financing
  • Advising various clients regarding U.S. import and export regulation
  • Conducting import and export compliance audits and training for various clients
  • Developing and assisting in the implementation of trade compliance programs, including in-house training
  • Assisting clients with export licensing under the EAR and ITAR, voluntary disclosures, and commodity jurisdiction rulings

In addition, Christina has assisted clients in numerous international contracts and related matters, including: 

  • International license agreements
  • Purchase agreements
  • Supply agreements
  • Distribution agreements
  • Sales representative agreements
  • Manufacturing and license agreements
  • Merchant agreements
  • Overseas dealerships
  • EXIM Bank Financing

The Benefits of Hiring an International; Customs & Trade Lawyer 

At Weis Law LLC, Christina has a proven track record of success. In many cases, corporate clients will come with one specific international trade issue, but she ends up helping them with various other critical legal matters. Business owners and managers are focused on their company’s financial health, not necessarily all of the minutia involved in international business transactions and compliance issues.  Christina helps her corporate clients navigate the complicated world of U.S. export controls and related matters involved in international trade.

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Navigating international trade law complexities is challenging, and businesses benefit from working with experienced international trade lawyers. When you need an international trade lawyer to review your corporate practices in light of applicable regulations and laws, Christina can effectively represent you throughout the process. Contact Weis Law LLC today to schedule your initial consultation.