Kansas City Franchise Law Attorney

Weis Law LLC provides comprehensive franchise legal services to clients whether franchisors or franchisees. Lead attorney Christina Weis is experienced working with both sides of the franchise model and works helps franchisors and franchisees protect their interests. Because franchise law and agreements are complex, it is wise to consult with an experienced franchise law attorney. 

Franchising requires compliance with numerous federal and state laws and regulations governing presale disclosures, franchise regulation, and the relationship between franchisors and franchisees. Christina leverages her knowledge and experience to help clients make informed business decisions, meet their obligations, and minimize risk. She has extensive experience advising clients in a wide range of industries, including:

  • Restaurant services
  • Lodging and hospitality
  • Business Services
  • Convenience stores
  • Specialty retail
  • Home maintenance and improvement
  • Real estate
  • Financial services
  • Personal care services
  • Assisted living

When you consult with Weis Law LLC, Christina will work closely with you to explain your legal rights, explore all your options and help you achieve your objectives in the franchise and distribution space. Contact her office today to schedule a consultation. 

Kansas City Franchise Law Attorney for Franchisors

Weis Law LLC assists franchisors with all legal aspects of franchising. Christina Weis works with clients to navigate each stage of business development, including: 

  • Determining whether the franchise model is appropriate to develop the business
  • Creating a franchise program (e.g., master franchising, developer agreements, franchise broker relationships, and other structures)
  • Negotiating and preparing franchise disclosure documents (FDDs), franchise agreements, and related franchise documents
  • Preparing and filing franchise registrations
  • Advising on franchise law compliance
  • Recruiting franchisees
  • Negotiating franchise sales
  • Resale price maintenance, exclusivity, and other antitrust issues
  • Managing supply chain issues
  • Registering, licensing, and protecting intellectual property (e.g., trademark, service marks, trade secrets) 
  • Managing franchisor-franchisee relationships, including dispute resolution

In addition, attorney Weis counsels franchisors on related matters, such as:

  • Cross-border franchising and import and export laws
  • Real estate transactions (e.g., property acquisition, leases, subleases)
  • Financing
  • Legal and business risk management
  • Ongoing business counseling

Above all, Christina works with clients to explore opportunities for growth and development, both domestically and internationally. In the event of franchisor-franchisee disputes, she works with clients to find cost-effective solutions.

Legal Services for Franchisees

Christina Weis draws on her extensive experience advising franchisors to advise prospective franchisees on investing in franchise systems that do not involve her current franchisor clients. Christina’s legal services for franchisees include:

  • Acquiring and selling franchises and territories
  • Reviewing and negotiating franchise agreements, development agreements, leases, and other contracts
  • Reviewing FDDs

Attorney Weis also advises franchisees, dealers and distributors on matters such as document reviews and due diligence, as well as termination and other related issues.

The Informed Choice in Distribution Law

State and federal distribution laws are worded very broadly and can encompass distribution relationships that are not ordinarily considered franchise activities. Weis Law LLC works to help manufacturers, distributors, and service providers ensure they are adhering to these laws in addition to evaluating the need for franchise disclosure and regulation. Christina also advises clients regarding:

  • Dealer relationship statutes
  • Sales representative laws
  • Industry-specific laws governing distribution relationships

Well aware of the potential for statutory claims upon the termination of relationships with dealers, distributors, and other parties, Christina works with clients to create well-conceived contracts and policies to avoid exposure to such claims. 

Attorney Weis also guides clients in the termination of business relationships, assuming control over goods sold, and putting consignment agreements in place. She also advises clients on dispute resolution regarding contract claims, encroachment issues, breach of confidentiality, and non-compete agreements.

Other Legal Services for Franchise Law Clients

Christina Weis also advises franchise clients on related issues such as commercial litigation, business law, and real estate and provides them with a comprehensive approach to address all their legal needs.

Contact Our Experienced Kansas City Franchise Law Attorney

Weis Law LLC is committed to helping franchise clients achieve their objectives by providing them with comprehensive, cost-effective legal services tailored to their needs. Christina Weis has a well-earned reputation as a knowledgeable, experienced business attorney who always works in the best interest of her clients. Contact Christina today to schedule a consultation.