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Managing a corporation is never easy, and disputes between managers, board members, and owners can cause significant difficulties. Corporations must comply with a plethora of local, state, federal, and even international laws related to corporate governance. Most executives don’t have time to stay abreast of all of the recent developments related to governance laws. Employing an experienced corporate lawyer can help a corporation effectively resolve disputes and ensure compliance with relevant laws.

Attorney Christina Weis provides legal counsel to public and private companies on shareholder communication, regulation, best business practices, and more. Christina’s familiarity with these matters allows her to provide her clients with advice tailored to their specific business considerations and circumstances. Contact Weis Law LLC today to schedule your initial consultation.

Weis Law LLC’s Corporate Governance Services

Christina Weis provides legal counsel to senior executives, members of the board of directors, and the board of directors. As corporations grow, their needs evolve, and it’s beneficial to periodically review corporate governance structures and practices. Christina counsels executives on a wide range of corporate governance matters that commonly affect corporations and their leaders, such as:

  • Best practices and evolving trends
  • Review and updating of a corporation’s bylaws and charter
  • Legal representation for boards and board committees 
  • Review of compensation policies for senior executives and directors
  • Legal counsel related to enterprise risk identification and management
  • Evaluation of corporate boards and board committees
  • Succession planning for senior executives and directors
  • Review of the board’s committee structure, composition, and charters
  • Review of the duties of the independent director or independent board chair
  • Review of the board composition and structure

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Whether you are involved in a corporate governance matter or you’d like an experienced lawyer to evaluate your practices, Christina Weis can help. Retaining a seasoned corporate lawyer can assist your company avoid common pitfalls from not having a current program. Do not hesitate to contact Weis Law LLC today to learn how she can skillfully counsel you with your corporate governance matters.