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Commercial transactions are an essential part of any business entity. The role of an attorney in commercial transactions has changed over the last several years. Previously, attorneys would wait until the client requested the preparation or a review of commercial documents. Now, many businesses work with their attorney to create or find business opportunities. Additionally, commercial transactions are more fragile in some ways, and it takes an experienced attorney to hold these tenuous transactions together and close them successfully.

Weis Law LLC assists corporate clients with commercial transactions and its attorney Christina Weis understands that to provide real value to her corporate clients, she must understand her client’s business models and goals. Christina treats all clients with the individual attention they deserve and takes every commercial transaction seriously. She understands that commercial transactions often require urgency. She has the resources and skills to help her clients negotiate their commercial transactions effectively and promptly. Contact Weis Law LLC today to schedule your initial consultation. 

Weis Law LLC Commercial Transactions Services

At Weis Law LLC, Christina regularly advises and represents corporate clients in forming, reorganizing, and dissolving business entities. She also represents corporate clients who are raising private funding by issuing debt securities and equity. Christina has an in-depth knowledge of tax, finance, and regulatory law, and extensive experience representing clients in large scale mergers and acquisitions. Corporate clients rely on their lawyers to be accountable, accessible, and to exceed their expectations. Christina keeps these goals in mind during every commercial transaction. She represents clients in every phase of their commercial activities, including:

  • Sales and credit documentation
  • Distribution documentation
  • Service agreements
  • Supply and procurement agreements
  • Commission sales arrangements
  • Outsourcing arrangements
  • Asset-based and line of credit capital financing
  • Outsourcing transactions 
  • Mergers and acquisitions

Sales of Goods and Services 

The sale of goods or services is at the foundation of most corporations and the contracts governing the same are crucial to a corporation’s success. There are many commercial agreements involved in complex sales transactions.  Christina is a seasoned attorney that can assist companies in the most complex and sophisticated sales transactions in both domestic and international markets.  Christina provides effective and efficient counsel to her clients for their important business transactions.  

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions play an essential role in any growing corporation, but they are often incredibly complex. Corporations planning to engage in a merger or acquisition need an experienced attorney on their side before they begin the process. At Weis Law LLC, Christina has the experience and skills needed to effectively prepare clients for mergers and acquisitions. She will conduct the due diligence, draft, and review all transaction documents, negotiate and assist with post-closing matters.  

Christina Weis has experience handling complex mergers, divestitures and acquisition transactions, and stock and asset sales.  She has experience representing buyers and sellers in mergers and acquisitions and has handled these types of transactions in various industries, including those in the technology, retail, distribution, manufacturing, and industrial sectors. Weis Law LLC manages all legal matters involved in  mergers and acquisitions transactions so her clients can focus on negotiating the best deal possible.

Commercial Transactions for Startup Businesses

Startup businesses have unique needs when it comes to commercial transactions. Most startup businesses need significant capital to effectively launch. Christina has extensive experience in all phases in startup business transactions. She is knowledgeable in the area of management structures and their relative advantages and disadvantages as well as the documentation necessary to reflect the business organization. If you’re planning on starting a business, it’s essential that you meet with an experienced corporate lawyer who will advise you as to which type of business structure will work best for your goals and needs. 

Many startup businesses are wary of investing in high-value legal representation. However, engaging the services of a skilled business transaction lawyer at the beginning of your business will help you tremendously by implementing the appropriate business agreements to manage risk and obtain strategic business goals. 

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At Weis Law LLC, Christina Weis offers her clients valuable insight regarding commercial transactions. She has successfully represented clients whether large, mid-size or small,  in a variety of commercial transactions. Contact Weis Law LLC today to schedule your initial consultation.