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Every day, companies deal with many types of commercial contracts that legally bind them to their upstream and downstream business partners including licensors, suppliers, distributors, and strategic partners to name a few. Commercial contracts pertain to business use and practices and involve two or more companies agreeing to do business together. Specific contract laws and regulations as well as case law governs commercial contracts.  Thus, business owners can benefit from understanding the impact of the same on their contracts and business practices by working with a commercial contracting attorney.

Weis Law LLC’s commercial contract lawyer combines her practical experience and legal knowledge to provide clients with effective and efficient legal counsel. Attorney Christina Weis has extensive experience representing clients in multi-jurisdictional transactions in a diverse range of practice areas and industries involving commercial transactions. 

Commercial Contracting: Draft, Review & Negotiate

Businesses draft and negotiate or use their standard in-house form from a wide range of commercial contracts during their daily operations. Commercial contracts include purchase and sale agreements, service agreements, lease agreements, distribution agreements, supply, manufacturing, and production agreements. To better protect a company’s interests, commercial contracts should be well-drafted and negotiated and standard forms should be reviewed and updated by an experienced commercial contract lawyer. At Weis Law LLC, Christina has substantive experience drafting, negotiating, and reviewing a wide variety of commercial contracts for clients to assist them in achieving their business goals. 

Christina understands that clients are busy managing day-to-day operations for the success of their businesses. She has a proven track record of drafting, negotiating, and reviewing commercial contracts in various industries. At times, business owners and managers don’t have time to comb over every clause in commercial contracts. Nonetheless, all contracts come with risks and necessitate the attention to detail that an experienced commercial contract lawyer provides. 

Christina has experience working with the following agreements: 

  • Distribution Agreements
  • Supply/Procurement Agreements
  • Consulting Agreements
  • Customer-facing Agreements
  • Master Service Agreements 
  • Master Software Agreements
  • Vendor Agreements
  • Joint Ventures and Partnerships
  • Manufacturing License Agreements
  • Sales Representative Agreements
  • Services Agreements

The Benefits of Working with a Contract Law Attorney

Whatever the business contract’s purpose, scope or goal, Christina has the legal experience to assist businesses with all their business contract needs.  Before signing any contract, a business owner or manager should understand the terms of the contract, assess the risks and rewards, strategies and growth goals related to the same. During the contract’s life cycle, Christina works with clients providing timely, practical legal advice to evaluate the risks and advantages her clients will take on by entering the contract.

Every contract is unique, but there are certain general principles that every business should follow before signing a contract. Christina helps guide her clients through the contract negotiation, drafting and contract management processes. There are many moving parts involved with contract law and Christina has a proven track record providing clients with efficient and effective counsel for all their business contracting requirements. 

Contact Weis Law LLC for your Commercial Contracting Legal Needs

If you are a business owner or executive faced with a pressing commercial contracting matter, or you’d like an experienced lawyer to review your commercial contracts and provide legal advice, Weis Law LLC can help. Christina is a commercial contracting lawyer and has the knowledge and skills to effectively draft, review, and negotiate your commercial contracts. Contact Weis Law LLC’s commercial contracting lawyer today to schedule your initial consultation.